The IQAC is constituted at the beginning of academic session and works ceaselessly throughout the year to implement the plans and monitor the activities for the progress of the institution. It plays a vital role in the development of infrastructure, academic excellence, students’ feedback.

The IQAC consists of the following members for 2013-15:

  • Dr. Chandrakiran Agnihotri (Principal)                President
  • Dr. Kirti Tewari                                                  Convener
  • Shri A Abbassi                                                    Stake holder
  • Shri Nilesh Trivedi                                               Stake holder
  • Dr. Vasundhara Pawar                                         Member
  • Prof. Rajesh Pathak                                             Member
  • Dr. Manisha Joshi                                                Member
  • Dr. Smita Khanwalkar                                         Member
  • Dr. Kahkasha Khan                                             Member
  • Dr. Rajani Bharti                                                  Member
  • Dr. Abida Shamim                                               Member

IQAC Proposals for the session 2013-14
In this session IQAC proposed the following plans for the progress of institution:

  • As many parts of the college, being an old fort, have been declared dangerous, the institute has sent a proposal to U.G.C. for the construction of technically well equipped new building.
  • Keeping in view the increasing strength of students, construction of a large & spacious auditorium & a conference hall has been proposed.
  • Proposal to initiate P.G. courses in Maths and Zoology.
  • To promote research activities, National & international conferences/seminars to be organised.
  • Every relevant information related to college should be displayed on college website.
  • Training programme should be conducted to make maximum students computer literate.
  • To start tutorial and remedial classes for quality enhancement.
  • Through orientation lectures, girls should be enabled to make optimum use of ICT facilities.
  • To allot personal ID number to the professors to access N-list.
  • To celebrate golden jubilee of the institute in the current session.
  • To keep the college campus pollution free by plantation & maintaining cleanliness.
  • To strengthen alumni cell.
  • Development of play-grounds for sports activities.